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rape and lessons learned

There have been a several rapes and assaults in town since school started, and by several, I mean like three.  Two were at frat houses and one was a stranger assault on the street.  I’m reading a reddit thread about the recent attacks and unsurprisingly someone mentioned the college girl who went missing summer 2011, whose case is still unresolved.

The upsetting part to me is that I think <insert missing girl> is not on people’s minds still. What are girls still doing walking home at 2 AM from the bars by themselves? If anything it seems like we haven’t learned much from the situation and it seems like history is doomed to repeat itself.

Honestly, I learned a lot from her disappearance.  I learned that even in my idyllic town, bad things happen.  I learned that if I ever went missing and my mom had to pack up my apartment she’d have a whole box of sex toys, that I have no idea what she’d do with.  I learned not to judge a situation before it’s resolved.  But most of all, I learned there is -nothing- gained by running scared, because when you run scared, you let the bad guys win.


My jaw is still on the floor

I sat through a guest lecturer on HIV/AIDS and other STIs today.  I’d post a full recap, because it was an adventure, but I’m not going to.  I’ll just share with you one gem.

My guest lecturer was an HIV positive 29 year old who is pursuing his phD in public health.  He’s worked at free STI clinics in San Francisco and while he worked at those clinics he would purposely give the frequent flyers in this clinic more painful shots than those who weren’t frequent flyers.

I won’t count the ethical problems with this, but I will invite you to think about how this correlates to slut shaming.



ramblings from class.

In my personal health class this week we talked about aspects of health.  My instructor for this class is very green.  She doesn’t know how to focus a class and carry a discussion and says “sooo what does this mean?” a whole lot.  It’s really kind of painful to watch honestly.

She talked about all six aspects of health before asking “so what does this mean if you have these?”  I raised my hand and said “A whole person. It means you’re balanced.  It means people likely want to be friends with you.”  Her response: “So what does that mean.  What is “a whole person.””

You, me, that guy over there, you’re all hopefully whole, balanced people.  But if you really want to know what it means, it means that my instructor can’t teach a class made of mostly freshman.


Mississippi Abortion Clinic

Mississippi is about to become the first state with no abortion clinic in any of its counties.

That’s probably the biggest tragedy I’ve seen on reddit in a while.

No abortion clinic does not mean no more abortions happening.  It does however mean no safe abortion which means scary, illegal, dangerous back alley abortions.

Legal, safe, accessible abortions are (and should remain) a right.  This is not a success for pro-lifers,   as much as they might think it is.


Men’s Health Final

These questions are my men’s health final.  I’m going to write some comments about the reasons these are shitty final questions for any class. Check a box if you agree.
What is the implication between men and women regarding the mortality difference among men and women?
What are the top five reasons men don’t see the doctor?  You really want me to generalize all men in one question…really?
How does masculinity influence mens health and health behaviors?  Way to be heteronormative woman.  really. You must have missed the memo that masculinity differs from place to place and culture to culture.
Why are we studying the health belief model? Because you are a god damned idiot.
How are we going to use the precede proceed model to plan a health program?
What are the risk factors for prostate cancer?
What would happen if you don’t eat healthy?  Really.  Is this final exam worthy? 
What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship?
What are the barriers for men to be physically active?  You really want me to generalize all men in one question…really?
Define 90/10 principles and how you’d use it?
How to use the four A’s to cope with life stress?  Uh. what?  You said yourself in class that you couldn’t remember the answer to this and you expect us to remember this.
What are the reasons to use contraception?  There are about 2938482 reasons to use hormonal reasons, but only a few reasons to use non-hormonal contraception.  And again is this really final exam worthy?
What are the health benefits of circumcision?  Whatever the health benefits they aren’t worth the cost of routine circumcision.
What are the five major reasons for people to have sex? mhmm orgasms.  yes orgasms.
What are five ways to prevent STIs?

Some random things+ Homemade Ranch Dressing

I’ll do the random things first
-My asian professor kept pronouncing cholera, “chol-er-ia” in class today.
-Whenever I hear someone talk about ten years ago or fifteen years ago, I always think of the 1990’s and the 1980’s respectively.  I almost never think of 2000’s or 1990’s

Homemade Ranch Dressing.  I made this recently for the first time and I could never go back to bottled ranch.  I use light mayo and 0% greek yogurt for my base and season to taste.  Greek yogurt and mayo makes a really thick mixture, so thin it out with milk as needed as well.

It takes about 3 minutes to make with my electric mixer- which actually saves time because when I was buying ranch dressing I’d stand in the dressing aisle for no less than five minutes finding the best price/taste payoff.

Anywho that is it for today.  Happy Monday!


mens health. ugh!

Mens health today was a whole different kind of awful today.  Lord knows I hate that class anyway.  In the start of class the instructor handed out a quiz went up to her and quietly pointed out that she’s been out for 2 weeks dealing with the recent death of her father.  And she wasn’t prepared for a quiz.  Voices fairly quickly got loud and the student left the class before it was resolved.  But that isn’t the awful part.
My professor then used her as an example for the days topic, emotional health, four different times. It was the most unprofessional thing I had ever seen.  At the end of the class the instructor actually asked us how we thought she should have handled it and when a fellow student spoke up and said it wasn’t appropriate to use this young womans’ personal tragedy as a discussion point the instructor kept on going.   It was also probably the most awkward class I’ve ever sat through.  I didn’t even make snide comments I was so uncomfortable.
I fully intend on talking to the student about what our trashy professor did.  My gut reaction was to file a formal complaint.  But then I realized it isn’t my complaint to file, it would be hers, given that it was her personal life that was used as a discussion topic.  I know that if it was me in her place, I’d be fucking livid and would file complaints until someone listened.
And I believe that the correct way to handle the whole conversation would have been for the professor to tell the student to do the quiz and if she did poorly they could talk about it from there, for the record