mens health. ugh!

Mens health today was a whole different kind of awful today.  Lord knows I hate that class anyway.  In the start of class the instructor handed out a quiz went up to her and quietly pointed out that she’s been out for 2 weeks dealing with the recent death of her father.  And she wasn’t prepared for a quiz.  Voices fairly quickly got loud and the student left the class before it was resolved.  But that isn’t the awful part.
My professor then used her as an example for the days topic, emotional health, four different times. It was the most unprofessional thing I had ever seen.  At the end of the class the instructor actually asked us how we thought she should have handled it and when a fellow student spoke up and said it wasn’t appropriate to use this young womans’ personal tragedy as a discussion point the instructor kept on going.   It was also probably the most awkward class I’ve ever sat through.  I didn’t even make snide comments I was so uncomfortable.
I fully intend on talking to the student about what our trashy professor did.  My gut reaction was to file a formal complaint.  But then I realized it isn’t my complaint to file, it would be hers, given that it was her personal life that was used as a discussion topic.  I know that if it was me in her place, I’d be fucking livid and would file complaints until someone listened.
And I believe that the correct way to handle the whole conversation would have been for the professor to tell the student to do the quiz and if she did poorly they could talk about it from there, for the record

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