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Munster, Indiana sexting scandal

A high school in Munster, Indiana has had a sexting outbreak of sorts, involving 20 students.  12 boys, 8 girls.

And while the article is poorly written, I’ve got some random thoughts.

Did the sexting actually take place on school property, or during a school sanctioned event(IE: field trip)? If not, then why the hell is the school involved?  The article isn’t totally explicit about this fact.

The school district says the boys were punished because they were forwarding the photos and had them on their phones on school property. The girls punishment, so says the administration is that they have to live with the digital footprint that’s nearly impossible to delete. 

The boys were all suspended from school, while the girls face no academic punishment and this reasoning makes no sense to me.  I’ve got naked pictures out there of me on the internet.  I don’t think it’s shameful and I think it’s in utterly poor taste that the school wants to make these naked pictures shameful.

Suspend all of them, or none of them.

The school is maintaining this was nothing more than students making a huge mistake.

This isn’t that huge of a mistake, really.  There are tons of naked porny pictures on the internet and within a week, they’ll be pretty well buried for fresh porny pictures.  Yeah, they’ll never be gone for good, but after a given period of time, the odds that they’ll come back to the surface are really pretty slim.  I do feel that a huge mistake would be filing criminal charges against the boys so that a criminal record and a lifetime on the sex offender registration follows them for the rest of their lives.