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I’ve missed you!

I was so busy last week.  I planned about 1000 different blog posts but never got around to writing them up.

So this is to tell you that I haven’t forgotten about this blog!  Just got busy!




Being "mean" in kink

This is something I’ve seen a few times, the idea that dom/mes are mean, and being mean is the mark of a dom/me.

For one, I think there is so much more to a good dom/me than being mean. I acknowledge that it’s about chemistry, likes and dislikes, trust, and really how you fit together.  Like how romantic partners fit together,  only a kinky duo needs to work better than romancers in many ways.

Everyone has a mean streak, and it’s important for everyone to keep their mean streak in check because it does have important implications if you let it run loose.  If I dom/me lets their mean streak run loose in a scene, it has bigger implications that it does in the vanilla world many times.  More than hurt feelings,  leaning towards the complete and total loss of trust.  I need my dom to be in control at all times in scene, that means keeping all his feelings in check.  If he loses control and loses track of time(like with clamps or similar) or breaks a limit, I’m done.  It could break a sub, and well that’s bad.

I think it’s important to differentiate between the kinds of mean though.  There is the hitting, shoving, yelling abusive type of mean and the bullying sort mean.  I think we can all agree that the first form of mean is off limits and something no one is interested in.  The second sort of mean is very subjective, but it’s subjective like everything is subjective in kink.  You love nipple pain, this other sub doesn’t,  You hate humiliation play, but that girl over there can’t get enough of it.

My gut reaction to meanness in kink was that I wanted no part of it, because I was thinking of abusive like mean, but while bullying in scene isn’t something that explicitly turns me on that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  The wide variety of kinky things that people enjoy is one of the many reasons I love it.  I think it’s absolutely fascinating, and I’d hate to the a voice that diminished a perfectly legit kink into something less because it might not be my thing.


Observations from class 1/10/12

These are just some observations I wrote down from class today.  Today I had mens’ health, womens’ health, a topical seminar over gender, communication, sexuality, and health, and obesity and health.  So here goes my observations.

-My female mens health professor talking about how she loves to share her experiences in mens health…
-Unsurprisingly, my women’s health class is mostly female and my mens health class is mostly male.
-Things I dislike-Ice breakers in college classes.
-Dear Mens’ Health prof, Please don’t ask me to draw what comes to mind when you say mens health and expect anything short of a pornographic sketch.
-Dear God, citing mens’ health( the magazine and website) as a valid source for mens’ health information is like citing cosmo as a valid source of health information for women.
-It’s pronounced Web M-D, not Web Med.
-Question: What do you think the most important mens’ health issues are in america?
Answer:Is my penis big enough?  Do I last long enough in bed?  Is my penis big enough?
-Question:What is one area that you would like more information on(related to mens’ health?)
Answer: Orgasms.  Fuck yeah.  Orgasms.
-Shockingly, as a boobie owner, I don’t have a point of reference for current mens health issues.
-You know your professor didn’t have a typical American upbringing when they don’t know what the golden rule refers to.
-“You are adults.  I will not be reading the syllabus to you.”-Gender,Health,Communication, and Sexuality Prof.

Hope you enjoyed my observations from class today!


The Mark of a Freshman

“So, my favorite part of Christmas break was seeing all of my old high school friends.”

Need I say more?


6 signs you’re too stressed.

According to this article there are six signs you are too stressed.
1. vomiting
2. hair loss
3. nosebleeds
4. memory loss
5. lowered immunity
6. excessive sweating

I think they are wrong, the six signs(in no particular order) are actually:
1. You’re eating my food.
2. You’re using my make up.
3. You’re wearing my clothes.
4. You’re running up my hot water bill, with long (hopefully relaxing) baths.
5. You’re sleeping on my futon.
6. You’re paying my rats vet bills.


Class Rosters

As I’m reading through my class roster lists this semester, I really have three big thoughts, some of which might make me an awful person.

Thought One:  Some people should not have kids- because they name their kids such stupid things.
Thought Two: I’m really thankful that none of my professors are foreign.
Thought Three: All of my classes are reallllly small.  Like twenty students, one of my classes only has 5 students.  This will make it so much harder to skip class.