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Glee-Not the Boy Next Door

Check out Chris Colfers’ Bulge. Holy fuck man.


Glee Choke Recap and Review

I watched the newest episode of Glee and read some reviews and it got some heat.  Imma give a quick recap so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to have the episode spoiled- skip this post.

-Rachel and Kurt had their NYADA tryouts.  Rachel forgot the words to her song and blew hers.  Kurt did a fantastic job on his.
-Puck failed a geography test and it appears he won’t graduate with his class.
-Beiste’s husband beat her and she tells everyone that she’s left him, but in reality she hasn’t.

I really liked this episode.  It’s really realistic I think.

Rachel apparently ruining her chance for NYADA fits, I think.  She’s been such a star for all three seasons, I think bringing her back to earth sends a really good message that sometimes things don’t happen like we’d like them to and it’s really important to have a back up plan.

When I was in high school I was one test away from graduating like Puck.  I failed that test.  My teacher gave me a D anyway. So, let’s not count Puck out of graduating on time quite yet.

Domestic violence is a huge deal, and I actually kind of love how Glee handled this.  We all know the right thing to do in this situation, or if you’re a bystander in this situation.  The right thing involves leaving, accepting friends help, and not thinking it was your fault.  Let me tell you, doing the right thing is hard, really hard.  It is infinitely easier to fall back into old patterns.  It’s easier to fall back into old patterns until you have the moment of clarity comes.  I can’t wait to see what Beiste’s moment of clarity is.


Observations from Friends

I’ve been watching friends recently and have to wonder do the friends ever lock their door?  That is when they aren’t being locked out, of course.