Men’s Health Final

These questions are my men’s health final.  I’m going to write some comments about the reasons these are shitty final questions for any class. Check a box if you agree.
What is the implication between men and women regarding the mortality difference among men and women?
What are the top five reasons men don’t see the doctor?  You really want me to generalize all men in one question…really?
How does masculinity influence mens health and health behaviors?  Way to be heteronormative woman.  really. You must have missed the memo that masculinity differs from place to place and culture to culture.
Why are we studying the health belief model? Because you are a god damned idiot.
How are we going to use the precede proceed model to plan a health program?
What are the risk factors for prostate cancer?
What would happen if you don’t eat healthy?  Really.  Is this final exam worthy? 
What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship?
What are the barriers for men to be physically active?  You really want me to generalize all men in one question…really?
Define 90/10 principles and how you’d use it?
How to use the four A’s to cope with life stress?  Uh. what?  You said yourself in class that you couldn’t remember the answer to this and you expect us to remember this.
What are the reasons to use contraception?  There are about 2938482 reasons to use hormonal reasons, but only a few reasons to use non-hormonal contraception.  And again is this really final exam worthy?
What are the health benefits of circumcision?  Whatever the health benefits they aren’t worth the cost of routine circumcision.
What are the five major reasons for people to have sex? mhmm orgasms.  yes orgasms.
What are five ways to prevent STIs?

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