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I have pet rats, 5 of them.  I love them to bits and I think they’re fucking perfect.  My bank account corroborates that statement.

I talked to my dad today who wants me to come visit him in a southern state(I live in the Midwest) over winter.  I told him to commit to dates and give them to me so I arrange a pet-sitter. He said “What pets…Oh the rats?  Who cares about pet rats anyway?”

Why me, your kid cares about pets.  I’d say that you raised me, but that’d really be a lie, given that you really just financed the raising of me.  I acknowledge that as my pets, I am responsible for making sure they have the highest quality of life possible and that means pet-sitters when I’m gone, vet visits, healthy food, and lots of toys.

I get that rats, or any rodent aren’t lots of peoples idea of a perfect pet, but please respect that they are pets and deserve to be treated as such.  They aren’t disposable and they aren’t just things I got on a whim.

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August 4, 2012

August 4, 2012.  Today would have been my paternal grandmothers 80th birthday.  She died April 2011.

Raise a glass to her.  To paying it forward.  To it getting easier.  To never changing a thing.

Call, email or write your grandparents a letter.  Tell them you love them.

The End.


The End Goal Of Fatherhood

“If you raise a girl with some confidence and you send her out in the world so she feels like she can do whatever she wants, she’s still going to get her face and her ass fucked but she’s going to do it on her terms. She’s going to grab that dick by the base and go, “I want to suck this right now”. This should be your goal as a father: That your daughter only sucks a dick that she thinks is delicious.”

                  -Louis CK

Why I want more than one child.

I want more than one child for sort of a morbid reason. I want more than one child because when me and my partner get old and sick and need help my multiple children can potentially help share the load, where as a single child has no choice but to assume all the responsibility.



Why you’ll settle, and it’ll be ok.

We hear a lot about why you shouldn’t ever settle when dating and that’s such crap advice because everyone will settle and settling isn’t bad in itself.

My girlfriends(and myself) have said to each other a 1000 times,  “you’ll meet the perfect person. Don’t worry.”  You won’t meet prince charming.  They won’t be helpful and considerate, and handsome and be the most attractive thing you’ve ever set eyes on.  You won’t meet them, and that’s ok, because you won’t be worse off because of it.

You’ll meet someone who does something that annoys the piss out of you, and if they’re the one  you choose to settle down with you will learn to deal with it.



As seen on reddit: Abortion

Click me. 

If I ever needed an abortion, I’d hope to god I had exactly what this young woman has.  I’d hope that my partner would do pretty much exactly that.

I’d honestly probably make the same decision she did, to the T.  I’d probably not tell him until I had made my final decision and I don’t think there is any shame or blame in that.




I’m extra annoyed with my dad right now.  I had a very strange conversation with him the other day and after much fixating on it, I decided that no matter how you look at it he’s a douchebag.

him:Do you have a girl, errr boy,errr are you seeing someone right now?”

Me:  No.  Why? Him: How would you feel about coming down(he lives in texas) with your brother and his girlfriend?

me: That depends.  Where am I staying?

him: -laugher-  Nevermind.  Don’t worry about it then.

Anyway, that’s conversation and I’m not going to go into full blown bitching mode.  Just post this.