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“but honestly.. fuck those people.  i dont even acknowledge their existence.  so they dont affect me”
 One of my friends on douchbaggy religions. 

There is a huge problem with this attitude. You should give a damn that repressive religions have a shitty moral code.  You should give a damn when any given religion wants to block or change how women access health care. You should give a damn when they think that GLBTQ people aren’t worth the time of day and most of all you should give a damn because they vote in massive numbers and voting in what massive numbers is what gets their agenda passed into law and your agenda put on the back burner, assuming it makes it to the burner at all.  

And this is my get out and vote plug for the primaries.  If you’ve already had the primaries in your area, I hope you voted.  If you haven’t done the primaries yet, learn your candidates and your polling location and get the fuck out and vote.  Let’s outvote the douchebags kids.


A fine example of why the catholic church sucks.

Click me for an example of a time when the catholic church should be shutting the fuck up.

The feminist in me says that the catholic church doesn’t allow IVF, or any form of contraception because the advent of hormonal contraception and non-hormonal long term contraception is, in my opinion,  the single biggest contributor to giving women some autonomy or agency over their sexualities.

If you want to strip women of the ability to truly plan their child bearing, something the World Health Organization says is a basic human right, then what else do you want to strip women of the right to do?

Let’s just keep all the women at home with the kids and let the men do the heavy lifting and bring home the bread.

On a practical note, I don’t understand the Catholic Churches opposition to IVF.  It’s really good for a church to have a congregation that has lots of babies


Men’s Health Final

These questions are my men’s health final.  I’m going to write some comments about the reasons these are shitty final questions for any class. Check a box if you agree.
What is the implication between men and women regarding the mortality difference among men and women?
What are the top five reasons men don’t see the doctor?  You really want me to generalize all men in one question…really?
How does masculinity influence mens health and health behaviors?  Way to be heteronormative woman.  really. You must have missed the memo that masculinity differs from place to place and culture to culture.
Why are we studying the health belief model? Because you are a god damned idiot.
How are we going to use the precede proceed model to plan a health program?
What are the risk factors for prostate cancer?
What would happen if you don’t eat healthy?  Really.  Is this final exam worthy? 
What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship?
What are the barriers for men to be physically active?  You really want me to generalize all men in one question…really?
Define 90/10 principles and how you’d use it?
How to use the four A’s to cope with life stress?  Uh. what?  You said yourself in class that you couldn’t remember the answer to this and you expect us to remember this.
What are the reasons to use contraception?  There are about 2938482 reasons to use hormonal reasons, but only a few reasons to use non-hormonal contraception.  And again is this really final exam worthy?
What are the health benefits of circumcision?  Whatever the health benefits they aren’t worth the cost of routine circumcision.
What are the five major reasons for people to have sex? mhmm orgasms.  yes orgasms.
What are five ways to prevent STIs?


Not-rape= 1. when a person is sexually assaulted but it is not called rape.

This happens one of two ways typically. A) The victim of sexual assault opts not to label it as rape because they think it was somehow their fault, because they wore a low cut dress or because they didn’t say no loudly enough.
B) The second way is when it looks like rape, it smells like rape, but it isn’t legally rape.

I’m going to mostly talk about the second definition of not-rape in this blog post.  I was reading my student paper this week and it has a graph of crimes students were charged with and had categories for “sexual assault(non-rape)” and  “sexual assault(rape)”  I understand why these crimes were labeled as such, that it relates to the legal definitions.  However, I think that labeling sexual assault non-rape in the mass media without careful explanation is damaging.

I think that all sexual assault is traumatic and I think that when you see the details of a non-rape sexual assault, that lots of people think “oh well at least she wasn’t actually raped.” and the victim thinks “well thank god I wasn’t actually raped.”  In reality sexual assault is traumatic no matter how it occurs and those thought processes only serve to belittle the trauma of sexual assault.

At best, the victim will be surrounded by caring, loving people who support the victim as they get back on their feet.  They will hopefully be surrounded by people who stop these thoughts as they come and reassure the victim that they deserve and are allowed to feel however they feel post-assault.  At worst, the person will be around people who say “Oh, well it isn’t like he actually raped you.”



Grandparents are a special, special thing. in case you missed the memo.


Feministy Ramblings

I sat through a presentation over mens’ birth control today and the man presenting talked about a hypothetical mens birth control pill and he talked about all of these issues with it.  Is it safe? Will it affect my ability to have children?  If it doesn’t affect my ability to have children ten years from now how will these hormones effect me? Can I remember to take this pill every single day?

He talked like women don’t juggle that, or like we’re somehow super heros and faux hormones don’t effect us negatively or like all women are great at remembering to take the pill every single day and it was just super insulting on a very subtle level.



On really fine spring days, I can’t help but think about my grandmothers’ garden.  It was her pride and joy and no one in the neighborhood could top it.  My universities perfect flowerbeds just remind me of her.

I bet her garden in heaven, or whatever, is unbeatable.