Observations from class 1/10/12

These are just some observations I wrote down from class today.  Today I had mens’ health, womens’ health, a topical seminar over gender, communication, sexuality, and health, and obesity and health.  So here goes my observations.

-My female mens health professor talking about how she loves to share her experiences in mens health…
-Unsurprisingly, my women’s health class is mostly female and my mens health class is mostly male.
-Things I dislike-Ice breakers in college classes.
-Dear Mens’ Health prof, Please don’t ask me to draw what comes to mind when you say mens health and expect anything short of a pornographic sketch.
-Dear God, citing mens’ health( the magazine and website) as a valid source for mens’ health information is like citing cosmo as a valid source of health information for women.
-It’s pronounced Web M-D, not Web Med.
-Question: What do you think the most important mens’ health issues are in america?
Answer:Is my penis big enough?  Do I last long enough in bed?  Is my penis big enough?
-Question:What is one area that you would like more information on(related to mens’ health?)
Answer: Orgasms.  Fuck yeah.  Orgasms.
-Shockingly, as a boobie owner, I don’t have a point of reference for current mens health issues.
-You know your professor didn’t have a typical American upbringing when they don’t know what the golden rule refers to.
-“You are adults.  I will not be reading the syllabus to you.”-Gender,Health,Communication, and Sexuality Prof.

Hope you enjoyed my observations from class today!


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