Why you’ll settle, and it’ll be ok.

We hear a lot about why you shouldn’t ever settle when dating and that’s such crap advice because everyone will settle and settling isn’t bad in itself.

My girlfriends(and myself) have said to each other a 1000 times,  “you’ll meet the perfect person. Don’t worry.”  You won’t meet prince charming.  They won’t be helpful and considerate, and handsome and be the most attractive thing you’ve ever set eyes on.  You won’t meet them, and that’s ok, because you won’t be worse off because of it.

You’ll meet someone who does something that annoys the piss out of you, and if they’re the one  you choose to settle down with you will learn to deal with it.



2 Responses to “Why you’ll settle, and it’ll be ok.”

  1. June 9, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Hahahaha I actually like this reasoning.
    Shocker since I fully believe in that prince charming shit. Then again… I am single, so look where that has gotten me?!?!

    Good stuff.
    xoxo L.A.

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