“but honestly.. fuck those people.  i dont even acknowledge their existence.  so they dont affect me”
 One of my friends on douchbaggy religions. 

There is a huge problem with this attitude. You should give a damn that repressive religions have a shitty moral code.  You should give a damn when any given religion wants to block or change how women access health care. You should give a damn when they think that GLBTQ people aren’t worth the time of day and most of all you should give a damn because they vote in massive numbers and voting in what massive numbers is what gets their agenda passed into law and your agenda put on the back burner, assuming it makes it to the burner at all.  

And this is my get out and vote plug for the primaries.  If you’ve already had the primaries in your area, I hope you voted.  If you haven’t done the primaries yet, learn your candidates and your polling location and get the fuck out and vote.  Let’s outvote the douchebags kids.


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