I have something in common with Miley Cyrus

Click me if you desire. Miley Cyrus Upskirt picture

I went to the store today in a a black knee length cotton skirt and no panties because I don’t tend to wear panties in the spring/summer/fall.  My foot got stuck while I was getting to my car and I probably flashed anyone in eyesight while I was unsticking my foot.  Getting in and out of the car modestly in a skirt is almost impossible.  I try my best, and I mostly succeed.

Bonus Point Task for my male readers: next time you get in or out of a car, do it without spreading your legs.

But here is the thing.  Women like me and women like Miley, when we accidentally flash people getting in and out of cars, we’re vilified no matter what.  We’re vilified if we wear panties, or go commando. We’re vilified if we wear lacy panties, or plain cotton ones.  We’re vilified if we shave, trim, or do nothing at all to our pubic hair.  We can’t win and it isn’t fair.

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