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Ahhh okcupid.



Him:so i see your very sexually open im wanting a fwb situation tonight would you be open for some good fun

Me:well…that isn’t really what I’m looking for

Him:what are you looking ofr

Me:I’m poly, I’m looking for poly people.

Him:well im poly just single right now

Me:your questions say otherwise.

Me:according to your questions you aren’t interested in open relationships.

Him:i am into open relationships, i have never had one yet

Him:so its something i cant say im into i havent triend it , however im open to it

Me:So thats why when you answered “would you consider having an open relationship?” you said “No” and added a comment “see other people, thats ackward”

Him:that was a while back, i kinda got turned on to the idea

Man, I believe him.  Don’t you?  He surely has no reason to lie.