UK Rats Becoming Immune to poison.

Article linked here.

My first reaction upon starting to read this article was “awwwww look at the rat!  he’s so cute.  I bet he was mid yawn!”  Probably not the desired reaction. 

But that isn’t what I was actually going to talk about.  This immunity to poison isn’t a surprise, well it shouldn’t be.  Be exposed to enough of a poisonous substance and you’ll grow a tolerance (think alcohol) the fact that their even thinking about using stronger poisons is madness to me.  It’s like antibiotics.  You have a finite period of time that X chemical will be effective against  Y pest and beyond that they’ll grow a resistance to it.

If they actually want to undo these “super rats”, or get rid of them they should stop using poisons all together and explore other means of exterminating them.


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