things i like

Things I enjoy

-being woken up by orgasms

-facials, the spermy kind.



-being pinned down

-oral sex


-playing with balls

-fingers in my vagina, the more the merrier

-being sore the next day

-clothespins on nipples

-boob play

-rope play

-orgasm control

-boys who like making girls cum

-the dominant tone of voice

-being called a good girl, and a bad girl, and a whore and a slut and other sexy names

-spankings, when it’s just a little too hard.


-sexy tumblrs

-sexy text messages


-sex toys

-cuddling, especially spooning. Always the little spoon.

-being pushed, and pushing myself

-sucking of nipples

-bruises, hickies and lingering red marks

-showering together

-kisses on the forehead

-massages, back and hand and foot massages


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