dating ish.

I’m dating someone now. We’re exclusive. His name is Mantoy, for now. I might grow a new name for him later. I’ll speak to him about what his pseudonym is, as soon as I introduce him to my blog, which is a whole nother adventure anyway. I don’t know how I’ll do that either…Can I ponder that later?

It’s weird, for me. It’s a very…normal, relationship compared to what my ex and I were, and that’s really weird for me. We’re balanced, and It’s good don’t get me wrong, but it’s weird. A good weird.

I haven’t told my mother. I don’t know how to. I don’t even know when/if I will. I mean I told my mom about my douche-bag ex when I was moving in with him, which granted was only 3 months into the relationship…maybe I shouldn’t go there anyway. I suppose I’ll tell her when I have to, or when she asks if I’m seeing someone(she won’t), or maybe I’ll just change my facebook status and let someone ask my mom about it( we’re not facebook friends.) Jesus, that’s a passive aggressive approach if I ever did see one.

Now, about introducing him to my blog. I don’t know. I’m always a little weird about this. My blog…it’s me. It’s me hemorrhaging me and my sex life into the Internet for people to read about. It could make me unhirable, if I were ever outed as the author of this blog and a such I’m always real careful about introducing it to real life friends. What if we have a nasty break up and he posts it to the internet and emails it to everyone I know?

I swear I had more to post with this post…but I forgot. I’ll think on it and come back later.


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