Last night I sent a text to this guy I’m seeing “hey…so this throat thing I have….there isn’t any possibility it’s an STI presenting orally, is it?”

This guy and I, we’re pseudo –exclusive.  We’re only seeing each other, but haven’t committed to exclusivity yet and last week twelve hours after I gave a condomless blowjob- I got a sore throat.  It doesn’t help that I’m a touch of a hypochondriac. 

I was assured that he hadn’t been with anyone but me since we first hooked up and he was clean then( we did have the super sexy STI conversation before we hooked up.  I asked about a million questions and all but saw his paperwork.)   I believe him and I’m just sick because god hates me and likes seeing me downtrodden. 

I woke up this morning and was tempted to send an apology text to him for having suggested he’d been with someone between his first hook up with me and valentine’s day.  But I didn’t and I’m glad, because I didn’t break any sort of code.  I was just protecting my health.  One of my friends suggested that I had overstepped and that he’d probably run away screaming because I suggested there was someone else.  At that point I decided that, if me double checking his status makes him run for the hills A) I need  to get tested super stat and B) He isn’t someone I want to spend my time with.  And that’s that. 


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