Disclaimer: feel free to ignore this post as it’s little more than ramblings I need to get out.


I feel like I’m out of control.  My classes are reallllly stressing me out beyond what I’d be comfortable with.  I’d love nothing more than to slip back into old comfortable habits, but alas, that’s a bad idea.



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  1. 1 feudalicious
    September 21, 2012 at 3:16 am

    When contemplating what to do when we’re feeling stressed or challenged it sometimes pays to take a step back and ask ourselves, in the ideal world, how would we *wish* we could deal with this problem. Not to make the problem vanish as such, but rather what ‘wish’ would we make to magically endow ourselves with the skills, attitude or fortitude needed to overcome the source of stress. Once we know what the skills are try this – pretend you have them already. Act as if you do (feel free to research those skills/attitudes a little – google them for 10 minutes first maybe, if you need a little more input before taking on the role) but then act as if you do…MAKE that wish come true. Pretend. See what happens.

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