So, I was reading this article and the correlating reddit comments and one of the comments seriously made me go a bit twitchy.

While I find this article offensive on many levels – I think he is right about one thing- why don’t they work on making better formulas? Some mothers do need it for a variety of legitimate reasons and I think doing all we can to get it as close as possible to breast milk can only be good.

I read this and the very first thing I thought of was “legitimate rape.”  Abortion, breast feeding, birth control,  and a thousand other things don’t need legitmizing.  They are personal decisions based on a variety of factors.  Because you work 12 hour days and come home exhausted and don’t have the energy to breast feed is a legitimate reason to use formula, just like if your body doesn’t make milk.

How you choose to feed your child(ren) when they are babies is your choice, and no one should be demonized for it.  I admit, this is something I personally kind of struggle with when I see young(almost teenage) mothers buying formula at the store, but I have to remember, I’m not in their shoes and while when I have children, come hell or high water I’ll breastfeed for a good long time, that isn’t everyones prerogative and that’s ok.  It doesn’t have to be.

Whether it’s birth control, abortion, breastfeeding, or formula feeding  we don’t need to legitimize the use of any of those things because my legitimate isn’t your legitimate.

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