Rape Prevention Program Update

Read this post for background info.

I’m not entirely entirely sure they read and comprehended my original email, but they responded.

        My apologies for not getting back with you as we have been extremely busy getting ready for the Fall semester. Thank you for your input on the rape prevention flier. We will take your thoughts into consideration. We are advertising and directly marketing towards university students. Last year we were able to train up 4 sororities. Making approximately 80-90 females more aware of their surroundings and giving them the training necessary to properly protect themselves and having them know how to survive a critical stress situation.
       Having been a combat veteran and working disaster operations in Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan. I developed this program because of the things I witnessed in these war torn areas. They are evident and they are on our streets. I will not go into graphic detail about how these women were treated and what was done to them. I will however do what I can in my community due to my experience. I feel that this is a responsibility that I owe to my home town.
       I would like to offer you a free slot for our Rape Prevention Street Survival Program. It is a 4 hour course designed for 20 persons at a time. The last hour is hands on based on the Israeli fighting style of Krav Maga. This is a very violent and effective means of self defense. If you are interested please feel free to contact me directly via cell phone. Thank you for your time and God bless.

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