Cheerleader rape compensation

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I followed her story fairly closely, and her story is potentially a shining example of rape culture (the coverage was so one sided, it’s hard to tell.)

I’m very sorry for the hardship this young woman endured, and at the same time, I have almost no sympathy for her as far as how she acted.  The alleged rapist was never convicted, therefore he was treated like an innocent man as far as the school was concerned and let back on the team.  The young woman was unable to let put her personal feelings aside while cheerleading and refused to cheer for the alleged rapist.  She couldn’t perform her job as cheerleader, therefore she was let off the team.

Whenever someone pursues a civil case like her family did, there is always the possibility that they will have to pay compensation to the other side.  It’s always a gamble.  Any lawyer worth their salt will tell you that it’s a gamble.  They gambled and they lost, twice actually, having to pay the school compensation was a highly predictable end to her case, an end I can’t imagine was totally shocking.


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