Funnies from class!

Ahh.  The new school year is upon us, which means you all get a new kind of post about stupid things that happen on campus and in class!

A) Campus is huge, it’s like 2000 acres and growing. For the first week of class there are tables set up at key points around campus pointing lost freshman their way.  I overheard this exchange today.

Student: Where is my next class?
Volunteer: What building is it in?
Student:  I don’t remember!  But It’s an english class!

There are english classes in every single building on campus.  There isn’t one designated english building for them.

B) In my first class, my instructor said ” Anyone who says otherwise is a filthy, filthy liar…”  I might have transposed the whore for liar in my head…I should stop having scene orgasms before I go to class…


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