Homosexuality as a choice

I’m going to preface this post with the statement that I don’t think homosexuality is a choice, but this is a comment on my facebook feed and I want to discuss it.

Every human being is born with a sin nature, every sin is the same in God’s eyes. So why do people try to say that homosexuality is a lifestyle that you are born into? Every person has a choice. If a person is born with a tendency to be attracted to younger people, but never acts on it, does that make them a pedophile with no choice to escape it? HELL NO. Should they embrace this “lifestyle” they were born into? No, and homosexuals have a choice as well. The only difference is Western Civilization doesn’t frown on homosexuality so they tell people it’s ok. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed primarily over the homosexual lifestyle, and the day is coming when we’ll all be judged as well. According to every work we have done while in this short life before eternity. We’re fish in a barrel folks, and when God comes back there will be nowhere to run and hide.

First off, I’m going to say that this charmer off my facebook feed is missing a really important difference between pedophiles and homosexuals.  It’s called consent.  Consenting adults generally make up homosexual relationships, or at least people who can consent, in the case of GLBT youth.

But secondly, I can play ball a bit with this line of thought, for shits and giggles.  I’m kinky.  I believe I was born kinky, it’s my choice to act on my kinkilicious desires. Is that wrong?  If having sex with other men is wrong, where exactly do you draw the line?  Is sex because you’re horny and for no other reason wrong? What about doggy style?  I could go on and on, but I think you all see my point.

A braver person than myself might come out as kinky in a comment and ask where exactly he draws the line of what’s acceptable and what isn’t.


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