Why mass shootings really scare me.

Since the shooting in Aurora, there has been a lot of chatter on the net and around town about these sort of mass shootings and they absolutely terrify me.

I live in a college town most of the time.  I’ve never felt unsafe in my college town, not at 3 am at the bars, not at midnight in a dress cut down to about my belly button on campus, not in my apartment.  But the possibility of a shooter going nuts and shooting up my town or campus is terrifying.  Much more terrifying than being raped or otherwise assaulted.

With assault, I can assume some personal responsibility that lowers my chances of being assaulted.  I can carry mace, fight back, scream, not walk alone at night, ect.  It’s never my fault if I’m assaulted in any way shape or form, but my decisions do dictate how much risk I’m at.  With a spree shooter, I can’t do anything to lower my risk level.  It’s totally out of my control.

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