More random thoughts on submitting.

I posted not too long ago how submitting has made me a better person and this is really just an extrapolation of that.

Submitting is hard.  It takes guts.  You have to really love it for what it is.  You’re pushed, mentally and physically.  You challenge taboos and thought processes.  You learn boundaries; when to push and when to take.  You’re vulnerable.  You trust that the person pulling the strings won’t let you fall and hope to god your trust isn’t misplaced.

It’s what makes people of my stripe tick.  It’s part of us and there is no use changing it, because we can’t.  It’s just how we’re wired.

Submitting doesn’t make you weak.  It doesn’t mean your daddy didn’t love you enough as a kid.  It doesn’t mean that you’re a sick twisted pervert who can’t off using conventional thoughts.  It means you’re strong enough to know what you like and how to get it.


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