Where were you when…

Where were you when 9/11 happened, when the London subway terrorists attacks happened, when Kennedy was assassinated, when Apollo 11 landed on the moon, or when The Challenger spacecraft exploded.  Admittedly, the latter of the three are before my time, but to anyone who was alive and old enough to begin to appreciate the situation, the answer is probably watching the news.

That isn’t gonna the universal answer anymore.  I don’t own a television.  I don’t think I’ll own a television for at least five years, maybe ten.  I didn’t watch the news what I had a television, and I really don’t watch the news when I don’t have a television.  The only place I ever actually watch television is on campus and I can’t think of the places on my college campus where there is a television that plays the news.  Are we all going to find out about world news events from smart phones, or else find out about them the next time we check our emails?


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