TIme, place and history

My state, and even my hometown has a history, and so does yours.  My hometown, like many places in the states, has a deep and intense history with the KKK and racism.   We teach this history, we learn it.  We learn how appalling it is and we learn how much hardship the people who were discriminated against went though. We learn how volatile the times were.  If I asked you*, you could tell me stories of the era from your hometown, and you’d  probably tell them with disgust in your voice.  We don’t teach these old horror stories because they’re fun.  They aren’t and for many people, myself included, they’re personal.  Personal loss is always part of these stories and as such, they have to be approached very carefully.  We keep these stories fresh year after year because those who never learn history are doomed to repeat it.

Apparently teaching it isn’t enough.  We are repeating it.  Look at the numerous gay bashings and hate crimes that are reported every single year all over the states.  Look at the hate groups funneling money into making GLBT persons less than people.  Look back at history and realize how stupid we’re going to look like ten, twenty, or thirty years.

you*=A reasonably educated person from the United States.


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