Bad fetlife luck.

So, I’m a member of fetlife, and for those of you that don’t know fetlife is a like a kinky version of facebook.  I’ve had two people of interest PM me in the past couple weeks that were interesting.  The first was a local dominant who was looking for a semi-regular playmate, which fit the bill for what I was kind of looking for.  However he sent up some red flags.  First he was very guarded with personal details, more so than I’d expect.  Then he asked if I’d be willing to forgo a condom if we were exclusive because they’re “really inconvenient for some things.”  Why yes.  I’m fully aware condoms are a pain in the ass,  and I hope you’re also fully aware you just lost major points asking me to forgo a condom if we got to the point of exclusivity.  You see, I really prefer thinking in the now and right now we aren’t even getting our kink on, let alone being exclusive.  So let’s address the issue of no longer using condoms when we’re exclusive when we get there, which right about now is looking a whole lot like never.

And the second person is only interesting in that he’s a total dud.  His profile was well written and well done but as we started messaging back and forth he used words like “u”, “yrself,” and “nt” among other text talk.  God, text talk is such an unattractive thing to use.  Text talk is even unattractive while actually texting.  it just makes you look uneducated and lazy.  I don’t want any one I play with or otherwise fuck to be uneducated or lazy.  He also didn’t seem to understand that I can’t knit and type at the same time.
So, I guess I’m back at square one.
PS: I’m working on a totally bad ass knitting project.  It’s going to be a stuffed, cabled, knitted penis that should stand up on its base all by itself!!!!!!!!




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