How being a sub has made me into a better person.

It taught me to pick my battles, because every action has an equal and opposite reaction and that isn’t just a law of physics.  When you push people hard enough, they push back, inside or outside the bedroom.

It taught me how to harness the fiestiness, stubborness, and intensity into something usable, rather than just feistiness, stubborness and intensity.

It taught me how to be a good judge of people.  I’ve always been good at reading people, and being subby just made me that much better at reading potential doms and play partners.

It taught me the art of sexual negotiation(which everyone should know how to do.  Period)  I learned how to ask the right questions.

Two years ago I went though a wild child phase and at some point during this phase, a dom screwed my head on straight.  I didn’t appreciate it for everything that it was then, but now I do.  Kink isn’t just about how you get off.  It has real, redeemable qualities that travel over into your life outside the bedroom.

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