Coming out

I’m a pretty firm believer that you should come out of the closet as whatever you are, on your terms, not on anyone elses.  I was lurking in one of my favorite sexy haunts on the internet tonight and saw someone asking if they knew someone by the names of X or Y and what their usernames might be.  This internet haunt isn’t facebook,  first names aren’t public information.  That is such an invasion of privacy.  I have friends on that site.  I’m facebook friends with some of them,  a few have my phone number, and most of them are on skype or other messengers.  We send birthday cards and gifts to each other and everything- despite where we met, we’re real actual friends.   As real as the girls you get coffee with every Wednesday morning.

You see, if it had been me who someone was asking about.  I’d pray to god that my friends would keep my secret identity, secret.  It’s my decision who I tell about my kinky life and no one else and that’s the way it should be.


1 Response to “Coming out”

  1. 1 Feudal
    July 27, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Totally agree. I think because socialising on the internet is still *relatively* new, there are still exist lots of different attitudes as to how we should behave here. The allure of anonymity, and the opportunities to experiment without consequence which that brings, sometimes make people behave really irresponsibly. I guess in time we’ll all grow up a little and it will become the exception not the rule.

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