final thoughts on Intimate Partner Violence

After I published the most recent post, some final thoughts came to me, so I’m wrapping up rather than bring it back up in a week from now or whatever.

You learn about unhealthy relationships in school, from about 5th grade and up really(albiet a version that usually only includes a heterosexual model where the man is the abuser) and you see it on TV, and you invariably think “How they so be so stupid to keep going back.”  “How can they not see the signs?  I saw the signs a mile away.”

And then there is rape culture,  the idea that says “She must have done something wrong.  She deserved it.”  It happens, unless you’re a purity princess, it happens.  Remember when Chris Brown beat Rhianna, lots and lots of people and blogs were saying the exact same thing about Rhianna (You could argue without too much work that the two thoughts above are all a symptom of rape culture, if you wanted though.)  Maybe that’s why I never told anyone at the time, and maybe that’s why I lied to my mother about it when she asked about it last month.

I feel like I had another thought to talk about in this post…but I forget it.  So, if I remember it, I’ll post it separately.


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