Responsibilities of a Dominant Continued

I wrote about the responsibilities of a dominant here.

I was looking at tumble this weekend and found this picture.  I do really like it, and I agree with it.  I was thinking about whose responsibility it is to end it a kinky coupledom that isn’t working.  Does the responsibility default to the dom, or is only the doms responsibility if for whatever reason can’t take care of their sub?  Or are both parties equally responsible to get out when it stops working and not letting it drag out?

I confess that my kinky coupledom with Mr. Dom Man probably stopped working a month ago.  We weren’t really dom and sub at the end.  It dragged on for the better part of a month because neither of us wanted to man up and say what needed to be said.  I ended up ending it.   But should that responsibility have fallen on him?

I don’t have an answer, I’m just curious as to your thoughts on the subject.

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