When staring becomes creepy.

I was at my apartment complex pool today, and noticed one man staring at me more than I generally find comfortable.

But when does simply looking at someone become gawking?  We look at people all the time.  After I got home from the pool, I did some googling to see what the world wide web had to say on the subject and found a definition I really liked.  I do not have a source for you because I didn’t think to save links, this might have even come from reddit.  I dunno.

Anyway  a man looking at a woman( or vice versa) becomes creepy when it exceeds the length of time that that a (wo)man would stare at, or want to be stared at by another (wo)man.  Although women tend to have different rules about staring at other women as men have about staring at other men, it’s fairly easy to figure out how much time you have before you’re deemed a creepy fuck.


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