The Importance of Gender Neutrality

ImageFacebook posts like this annoy the piss out of me.

I think that raising gender neutral children is really important.  This does not mean that you raise children with no gender, but rather that you give them space to be whichever gender they think fits them best.  It means not pushing stereotypical male or female roles onto your children.  It means telling girls that they can actually do anything, even science and math which women tend to lag behind in. It means telling boys it’s ok if you play with dolls(I had originally had Barbie in place of dolls, but I have a personal vendetta against Barbie.)  Most little girls grow up to women and most boys grow up to be men, but not every little girl chooses to become a woman and not every little boy chooses to become men, and for those that choose to deviate from the norm, that’s ok.  The world won’t end because some little boys and girls choose to do some gender bending.

I have expectations and hopes for the kids I’ll have someday.  I want them to be comfortable and happy.  I expect they’ll that they will probably go to college.  I don’t expect them to have high heeled cupcakes at a birthday party(though, I’ll do it if they ask).

I think it’s best to save your expectations for your children for the big stuff, because ultimately if you dream of a little girl to do little girl things with, someone is likely to draw the short straw.


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