Mitt Romney and Planned Parenthood

A) If you are eligible to vote in the United states and you aren’t registered.  Get the fuck registered to vote.

B) Click me.  Getting rid of planned parenthood.  Are you a god damned idiot?  Planned parenthood is the only medical care provider that lots and lots of people depend on, for more than just birth control and abortions, mind you.  Let’s go get rid of planned parenthood.  That’s a great idea.

If you have daughters, a wife or two(no judgement), mothers, aunts, or if you believe that women are equal to men, please don’t vote for Mitt Romney.

C) Drilling for more oil to lower gas prices?  Really.  Why not put that effort into building more fuel efficient cars, or more eco-friendly ways to power vehicles.  In case you need some perspective, everyone but the United States has paid the equivalent of 8 dollars a gallon for ages now.  Their response the gas prices was to build better cars, not drill for more oil.

D) ObamaCare. Let’s not get rid of that.  Universal health care is the first step to becoming equal with the other first world countries.  It’s a much better option than having millions of uninsured americans.

Sidenote: Do any Non-US citizens want to marry me to save me from this political mess?


2 Responses to “Mitt Romney and Planned Parenthood”

  1. May 15, 2012 at 8:25 am

    I like it and I agree with you. +1 point for….well whatever you like I suppose

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