A Few Notes on Modesty

I’ve been highly critical of modesty in the past and today I was reminded of what bullshit modesty is.

Guidelines from Pure Fashion

-Undergarments can do a good job of protecting modesty during the warm summer months.
– Try an extra lined bra for the months when it is too warm to dress in layers.
-Choose a bra that has a little padding in the event of a chill

Really?  Why are we fixating on the fact that part of a nipples anatomical function is to get erect?  Why is it a problem and why do we need to fix it?

Guidelines from Modesty: The Forgotten Virtue

-If an article of clothing is difficult to get into or get out of, it isn’t modest.

There are a fuckton of things in my closet that are hard to get in or out of that most people would classify as modest.  Bras, for instance.  I frequently stumble when putting on pants, or hoodies.

” I have two precious girls at home and I don’t want them to be meat for some guy’s eyes.”- a quote from her blog.  I have a huge problem with this quote, not because being modest is inherently bad, because it isn’t.  But when you put the responsibility on girls to not be stared at by boys, that’s totally backwards.  Teach your boys to not stare at girls like a piece of meat rather than teach your girls to dress modestly to avoid being seen like a piece of meat.

I repeat what I said earlier, modesty isn’t in itself bad.  The personal decision to dress modestly, whatever modestly means for you is not bad.  It is when institutions enforce modesty as part of their moral code when it becomes bad.  Because when modesty becomes moral code, being immodest begins to look a whole lot like slut shaming.



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