Ethics of Sex

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The concept behind the linked porn is a girl working a lemonade stand but standing in front of a curtain so you can’t see behind her.  What customers of this lemonade stand don’t see is behind the curtain there is a man doing typical porn related things to her, fucking her, vibrators, butt plugged and so on.

One of my friends linked it to me and my very first thought was “Man, I hope that this is all staged, because that concept not staged is about 4939050943 kinds of unethical.”

It’s unethical in the same way that not wearing panties and purposely flashing the shoe store attendant is unethical.  It’s unethical in the same way that answering the door for a food delivery guy naked is.  It’s unethical because people have the right to pick and choose what kinds of sex they participate in and the pizza guy and shoe store attendant didn’t choose to participate in your kink or fetish, you forced it upon them and if you’re decent human being, you don’t force your kinks and fetishes upon other people.  Of course, that all hinges on you being a decent person, which may or may not be true.

So how do you have sex ethically?  Great question, I have answers.

-Only do sexual scenes with people who are in on it.  Assuming the producers of that porn are ethical, all of those customers knew exactly what was going on with that lemonade stand.
-If, for whatever reason your kink takes you and/or your partner outside, make sure that your kink is at least 15 feet* away from people who aren’t part of it. Also, make sure that you’re doing in an area that potential watchers have an easy way to leave.
-Leave your kink at home if you’re going someplace children might see it.  I cannot stress this point enough.  If what you’re doing will cause people to look in your direction and talk, do not do it where children might turn up.
-And, last but not least, be aware of local laws and the potential consequences of breaking them.  I’m not going to tell you not to do it because it’s against the law.  Just know what you’re risking when you make these decisions.

*in case you’re wondering where the number for 15 feet came from.  It is arbitrary.  It is a number  I found on several kinky websites about this topic.


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