The Cost of Being Me

I am both a student, a feminist, and a kinky blogger who writes under an assumed name.

I turned in my last paper of the semester this morning and in that paper I pulled huge quantities of information word for word from this blog with minimal editing.  After I copied and pasted the information into my paper and changed a few personal pronouns I realized that if she ran my paper through the universities anti-plagiarism system there would be one really huge chunk of perceived plagiarism, and way more little incidences of potential plagiarism.  After all, I wrote my paper about many of the same things I’ve blogged about.

I put myself out there on this blog and have a generally good response to putting myself out there, but if push comes to shove and I have to out myself, I believe it’ll be worth it.  Because everything happens for a reason, and after all you never put anything out on the internet that you don’t want put on your permanent record.


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