What if the church*† is wrong?

*by the church I mean all churches that identify as Christian.

†The church is not capitalized because I believe that grammatical entitlements are earned, not demanded.  I actually carry over the same philosophy into my kinky life.
In the gospels there isn’t a whole lot of talk about the church, or building a church. Jesus mentioned the church in two verses in the Bible.**  He spent far more time speaking about how to treat people than building a church.  The church isn’t actually a creation Jesus made and built.  Rather,the church sprung up around Jesus. Sure, you could argue the Holy Spirit guided the people who actually built the church and designed the function and organization.  You could also argue that Jesus never intended to start a new religion at all.  None the less, the church perseveres, however it was or wasn’t intended to come into being, it’s here.  We’ve established that people built the church, not Jesus himself, and I think that’s super important to keep in mind for the rest of this blog post.
Why do we treat the church like it’s infallible, when clearly it is not?  Why do we treat the Bible as infallible, when we know that it was written by humans, who are fallible? Why are people within the church often afraid to speak up when the church is wrong and since when did uniform conformity become so important for the church to exist?  Why is questioning so frowned upon in so many churches and when questions are raised, why is the answer often something circular that makes no sense if you’re thinking rationally?
**Mark 16:18&18:17

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