What I am in my head:

In my head I’m lots of things.

I’ve always got a fully stocked kitchen in my head and my rats cage is always clean.  I’m a foodie in my head, who blogs about the things I make. I always have clean underwear in my head and my apartment is always clean and tidy.  My bank account is always healthy and my car always has at least a half tank of gas.  I never have dry skin or acne in my head either.  My make up collection is all really nice expensive make up.  My cell phone battery never dies and my computer can support playing The Sims Three the way I want to play it.  I have a better storage system for my sex toys than a storage ottoman and my pet sitter doesn’t live an hour away.

Anyway that’s a picture how things tend to roll in my head.  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


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