I am not a gift to be given.

In preparing for marriage, sons and daughters should be trained differently by their parents. “A son is reared up for independence. He is trained to leave, while still respecting his parents’ godly counsel. A daughter is brought up to be transferred from one state of dependence to another. Sons leave;daughters are given.”  

This is a quote from an article by Doug Wilson.  

I am many things, I am a woman, a blogger, a knitter, a student, a hard worker, smart, sarcastic, loud, clever, a lover, a sexual being.  There are also many things I am not.  I’m not perfect, organized, brillant.  I don’t have nice hand writing.  I’m not really awesome at managing my money.  I’m really not a prize to be won a gift to be given and neither is Doug Wilsons daughter, nor anyone else’s daughter.


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