In the news-Man coerced minors to be sex slaves.

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You might be asking how does this happen?  How does one man coerce 100 children to perform sexually on cam?

Before you blame the parents about not being involved enough in their childrens’ lives or blame the children for not telling their parents, think about what it was like to be fourteen again for a minute. You’re on top of the world and in control of everything.  You’re just now gaining privacy from your parents on the internet and on your phone, and then you get in over your head.

I dunno about you, but it would have take my fourteen-year-old self a whole lot to come clean about such things.  I’d almost rather myself be posted on a porn website against my wishes than have to tell my parents that I had taken my clothes off on cam for some stranger.

These parents are probably parents to children who are really good kids and are probably really good parents, and these kid who thought they could handle it and thought themselves invincible.

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