I’ll never be Mrs. John Smith

I’ll never take my husbands last name when I get married.  Won’t happen.  I’ll be Zazel Rodriguez* until the day I die.

I’ll never take his last name because I’m not property to be bought and sold and I love the fuck out of my last name( fun fact of the day: my last name has kept me out of handcuffs.)  Actually, changing ones last name because you got married is really a lot of work.  You have to change social security information, bank information, credit card companies, work paperwork, alma mater(s) and I’m sure I’m missing something.  It’s really quite the expensive process, or it can be.  If you have a passport, getting your (US) passport changed is about 100 dollars.

And that’s why I’ll never change my last name.

*names changed to protect the kinky.


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