Responsibilities of a Submissive

I blogged about the responsibilities of a dominant earlier, so I thought I’d blog about the other side of the coin, a submissive. So the responsibilities of a sub.

Communication.  Dom(mes) or playmates are not mind readers.  If you don’t tell them that something is bothering you, you can’t get pissy if they don’t fix it. In my opinion, kinky relationships are much harder to make functional than non-kinky relationships and so kinksters really need to have tip top communication skills.

Honesty.  If you aren’t being honest with your partner, any partner, what’s the point of being in a relationship?  Like I said before, the nature of a kinky relationship makes it harder to manage than a non kinky relationship.  A lack of honesty can and will tank a kinky relationship harder and faster than a non-kinky relationship.

Clarity.  A sub needs to more or less be clear what they want out of the relationship and even the specific scene, if there is a goal for the scene.  They need to have an idea of their limits, likes, and dislikes.  Now a skilled and patient dom can take a newbie sub through limits, likes, and dislikes without “damaging” the sub, for lack of a better word.   I don’t really like the use of the word damaging, but I can’t think of  a better word. But is easier if they have ideas of things they might like, or not like.

To do the best they can.  A dom can’t ask for more than that.  A good dom will push and demand excellence from their sub.  And a good sub will do their best to rise to the occasion(heh, rise to the occasion.  penis.  heh) and a good dom will praise the effort even if they don’t quite hit excellence.



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