"who is she?"

So I told one of my friends about my date tonight and one of our mutual friends said “Who is she?”  Mostly kidding. I say mostly because I have reason to think that he thinks I’m a lesbian and that he’s just waiting for me to come out of the closet.  Nope, sorry.  I like penis.  You’ll be waiting a very long time.

Now that joke might have been funny if it wasn’t my first date in about a year.  But it isn’t you see.  Because what if i was actually a lesbian or dating a woman.  The joke my friend just made would make it 3034583905830953083409 times harder to come out and say, “actually, her name is lauren(that is if I was going on a date with a Lauren.)

So everyone enjoys making that joke when you find out a friend is dating someone new, but maybe it’s counter-productive and detrimental to other people around you.


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