Dating bittersweetness

I love being owned.  I love being owned by mr. dom man.  and I knew when I accepted a position as his sub that if I found myself in a real life romantic entanglement I’d have to stop being his sub, because I have priorities and a real life boyfriend take precedent over an online d/s coupledom.  And I think that’s how it should be for me.  I don’t think it’s fair, right, or reasonable to even try and keep both.

I’ve accepted this date and that means that maybe I won’t be owned by mr. dom man much longer.  I’m not counting my eggs before they hatch, but this can only go one of two ways.  I gain a romantic entanglement and lose a dom or my first date with mr. date man goes really bad and I get to keep my dom is sort of a sobering realization.

I know I made my bed and I have to lie in it.  But either way it goes, I think it will be a little bittersweet.  I wouldn’t change it though, not for a second. No regrets, no matter how my date goes.

And props to mr. dom man for being excited for me even though he knows as well as I do what it could mean.

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