Where long distance online dating fails

I am not a fan of online, long distance dating, for anyone.  I want to be clear, I’m not against meeting partners online, or having online friends.  Just long distance online dating, and of course how you define long distance might be different than how I define long distance.

You can learn a lot about someone through Skype chats, phone calls, IM and texting.  You can learn the kind of food they like to eat, how they like their eggs, how they wear their hair.  You can even learn how often they shave their face and wash their hair.  You can learn enough to know that you have the potential to be really awesome romantic and sexual partners.

You can’t learn how your partner likes to be kissed(or how to kiss) or touched, how you can most effectively make them orgasm, if you two even mesh well in the bedroom.(Don’t tell me that how you mesh, or don’t mesh in the bedroom doesn’t matter.  It totally matters!) You can’t know if you like their scent, or how their scent will mesh with your scent.  You can’t know if you and your partner will function well together in the same living space, share a bathroom, or share household responsibilities smoothly.

In short, I’m against online long distance dating for the same reason this author is against online bdsm. I real life dating is an important social construct.  It teaches us the things we can’t stand in romantic/sexual partners.  It forces us to learn lessons we wouldn’t learn otherwise.  The resulting heartbreak is fuel for finding a better person next time and our exes typically make for good stories after the sting is gone.


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