Judgement calls

This week I made a judgement call regarding and online friend and her dom.  I had been growing increasingly concerned about her kinky duo for several reasons.  I talked to other people who knew both of them and everyone shared similar concerns.

Today I spoke to her dom about my concerns because I thought there was a higher likelihood of him listening than her.  He believed me and took my concerns seriously.  He has taken steps to alter their relationship, naturally she is upset.

Late tonight she said to me: Not that I’m mad at you, but I hope you’re happy now.

I’m not happy.  I’m happy with the decision I made.  It was the right one.  I’m happy he took my concerns seriously.  I think she will be better for it.  But I’m not happy that I had to make such a judgement call, but it happens.  Sometimes you have to make them, and you hope you’ll have the wisdom to make the right decision.  God forbid you make the wrong decision, hope it isn’t the end of the world.  If I had to redo everything all over again, I’d change it.  I’d’ve talked to her dom way sooner.


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