Risk Aware Consensual Kink(RACK) Vs. Safe, Sane, Consensual(SSC)

In one of my classes today, my professor used the phrase “risky sex” in the context of STI/Pregnancy risk. The first thing I thought of when I heard this phrase was kinky sex sort of risky.

I prefer RACK to SSC for lots of reasons.  I think that RACK is clearer and more accurate.  I’ll break it down though.  Both phrases, used commonly by people in the kinky community convey more or less the same message, but again, I think RACK is better.

Risk Aware, all players involved acknowledge that there is risk and are aware of the risk associated with said activities.   Everything is a risk. What is the risk of this kind of impact play?  Are we minimizing the risk connected with this electrical play? What is the risk of those nipple clamps?  What is the risk of having kinky sex with that person?  Will this person respect my limits and provide appropriate aftercare?

Consensual is something both phrases have in common.  Consent is so important.  Consent is sexy.  No means no, all the time.  It isn’t a no in disguise.  But a no doesn’t necessarily mean a no to all activities. Maybe just penetration, or oral, or impact, anal or fart play.  Communication is key, kids.

Safe and sane.  Safe suggests that sex of any kind is a risk negative, or risk neutral activity.  Sex is -never- a risk negative or risk neutral activity.  Kinky sex even more so.  Though, most reasonable people would read this as the safest way possible to do a given activity.  I think the word safe is too vague.  For some people blood play is perfectly safe form of play.  For me, and most kinksters I know, Blood is totally off limits.  I think sane is also too vague.  Again what is sane for me, is totally insane for other people.

Kink!  Everyone loves kink right?

Whichever saying you prefer in your kinky activity, RACK, SSC, or one of your own invention remember to communicate!

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