Inequality and the workplace

The workplace is unequal pretty much everywhere, to varying degrees.  Minorities and women are hired less often than caucasian men.   How do we solve it?  Well one suggestion we offered in class was ending the world, then no one gets hired.  that’s fair, right?

But seriously, I don’t think we can fix it and I’m not convinced it should be fixed, to be honest.  Some supervisors just work better with women, or conversely men and therefore are partial to hiring their preferred gender because it fits better in that given office.  Is that inherently wrong?  I don’t think so.

If you are hiring for a summer camp and you still need female counselors.  Therefore gender matters.  Working with kids, given that it’s going to be mostly upperclass american kids who can afford your expensive summer camp, you need an employee who can speak in middle-upper class english.  Not someone who sounds like they just got off the ghetto train, a thick accent that most adults have trouble understanding.  You need someone who is approachable and presentable.  If they have a gnarly beard or green hair they won’t get rid of, scary cavity ridden, chipped teeth that scare off most people then they aren’t a good match either.  

Therefore the whole discussion is a moot point.  Appearances, gender, sexuality, and everything else we form biases around matters and dear god don’t tell me it doesn’t.  It might not be right, aways legal or ethical but it is the job market we have to work within, in the United States specifically.  So the depressing truth is present the image employers want to see when you job hunt, or else.

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